Application and Types of Inverter


Application and Types of Inverter

The inverter is a device that is used to convert the current into supply the voltage current. The DC and AC power is become frequency and output voltage.

The input inverter is always put inside to the current circuit and the appliances are working in the function of rotating rectifier.

Battery,fuel cell,photovoltaic array or magnetohydrodynamic.It consumed to the 240v.

Application and Types of Inverter


The inverter can be classified into two types voltage source inverter (vsI)and current source inverter (csI)

.The Inverter voltage and voltage fed .The source of DC current is low.VSI described in DC voltage terminals are input.

The CSI current circuit is adjusted due to the high voltage current and affect by the load.

The types of communication is required by the load communication.Possible of self communication is being reduced by the inverter of their operation.

There are semi conductor devices divided that are

1.Bridge inverter.

2.Series Inverter.

3.parallel inverter.


The important facilities and functions of inverter are DC power and AC power.

The household appliances are worked by the Inverter because of current will flow in the high voltage.The industrial appliances like Ac drives, Induction heating, stand air craft power supplies.