Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) Definition


Alternating Current and Direct Current

The electric current are classified into two types namely

1.Alternating current (AC)

2.Direct current (DC)

1.Alternating current:

In alternating current the switches are periodically directed in keeps current.

They are forward and backward directions in alternating current.the direct current flows steadily and in straight line .

 2.Direct current:

The direct switches are flow steadily and straight line through the electrons in single direction.

This DC current also having forward and backward  directions.

Let us saw the difference between Alternating current and Direct current in the following table.

Alternating current means

In alternating current the electric charge will flow directly in the same direction.

This current is commonly used as office, household equipment, building etc..

The hertz experiment is measured by aromasin the alternating current.

Alternating current is mainly contribute in refrigerator,radios and other home appliances because it is have the low voltage of current.

Direct current means

This current is fully differed in the alternating current.this current does not change the period and direction.

The current electricity flows during steady current in single direction.

The major uses of DC current supply is charge batteries and mobile phones.

Example: flashlight, mobile, television and electric vehicles.

Alternating current:(AC)

 1.Alternating current is maintain the electric power and transfer the current through long straight conductor.

2.The change in direction of electric flow is rotating by the magnets.

3.The frequency range of AC current is from 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

4.Ac current will flow in forward and backward directions.

Direct current:(DC)

1.Dc current is transfer by the farthest loss the electric power.

2.steady current will flow in single direction.

3.This have no frequency range.

4.Dc current flows in single direction.