11 KV Crompton Greaves VCB Panel

11kv VCb panel:

  • Where the line is located there the current will produce energy supply.
  • There are generating station and sub station.sub station means to collect the energy from high voltage.generating station means reduce the voltage and conclude the value of appliances.
  • The sub station is converted Ac into DC by vice vers and the connection between frequency rate is made by the transmission line through straight line.
  • The frequency range is from higher to lower and lower to higher.
  • The additional working and functions of substation is to provide the safety device and disconnect the current then only it is installed.
  • The synchronous condenser is placed at the end of transmission line and operated in various types of power station.
  • It mainly used in the street light and measurement of wavelength.
  • In the vacuum circuit breaker it is easy to operate and connect the wires in motors.

11 KV Crompton Greaves VCB Panel

Components of 11kv panel:

  The electrical equipment of this breaker is explained in the following points let us saw about this conductor

1.Isolator-The word isolator means break the current from the transmission line .when the transmission line gets broken it will connect and disconnect the current wire.In the isolator it is composed in side of the circuit breaker and maintain the current supply.

2.Lightning arrester:The effective light is protect by the lightning arrester.there are two types of terminals are connected namely high voltage and ground voltage or low voltage.The high voltage is attached to the transmission line and low voltage is  passes through the earth.

3.cT metring:The panel of metring is connected in the secondary terminal.it produce current and point the record.

4.step down transformer:The step down transformer means which converts high voltage current into low voltage current is called step down transformer.this is vary from the step up transformer.

5.capacitor bank:The important working of capacitor bank is to produce current to the power factor.it consist of parallel and series connection.

6.circiut breaker:The circuit breaker is used to protect the person by fault of wire and revive the current into normal.

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