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If you’re looking for an exceptional higher education experience, look no further than Grand Canyon University. As a top-ranked university, we prioritize academic excellence to ensure our students receive the best education possible.

At Grand Canyon University, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing affordable tuition and financial aid options to make education accessible to all. We offer a vibrant campus life, expansive online degree programs, and a supportive and engaging learning environment to help our students reach their potential.

We put our students at the center of everything we do, providing them with access to the resources they need for success. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a degree in business, education, nursing, or any other field, Grand Canyon University is the perfect place to begin your journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Grand Canyon University is committed to academic excellence.
  • The university offers affordable tuition and financial aid options.
  • Students have access to a vibrant campus life and expansive online degree programs.
  • Grand Canyon University prioritizes a supportive and engaging learning environment.
  • The university is dedicated to helping students succeed in their careers.

Affordable Tuition and Financial Aid Options

At Grand Canyon University, we understand the financial burden that pursuing higher education can place on students and their families. That’s why we are committed to offering affordable tuition rates without sacrificing academic excellence. As an accredited university, we are able to provide a quality education at a reasonable cost.

Tuition Type Cost (per credit)
Online Undergraduate Courses $470
Online Graduate Courses $530
Traditional Undergraduate Programs $16,500 per year

We also offer various financial aid options to help students afford their education, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. Our knowledgeable financial aid counselors are available to assist students in navigating the financial aid process and exploring all available options.

Don’t let financial concerns hold you back from pursuing your academic and career goals. Grand Canyon University is dedicated to providing an affordable education that prepares students for success in today’s competitive job market.

Vibrant Campus Life and Student Resources

Grand Canyon University offers a dynamic campus life with a variety of opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, join clubs, and participate in student organizations. Whether it’s sports, performing arts, or student government, there’s something for everyone to get involved in.

Additionally, Grand Canyon University provides numerous resources to support student success, including academic support services, tutoring, and career counseling. The university’s Student Success Center offers workshops and events to help students develop time management and study skills, while also providing guidance on career exploration and job search strategies.

Student Resources Description
Academic Advising Personalized academic advising sessions designed to help students plan their academic career and achieve their goals.
Center for Learning and Advancement A comprehensive resource for academic support, including tutoring, workshops, and study groups.
Global Career Services Assists students with career planning, job search skills, internships, and other professional development opportunities.

Grand Canyon University values the success and well-being of its students by providing a supportive and engaging learning environment. This includes a focus on small class sizes, faculty mentorship, and access to cutting-edge technology. Overall, Grand Canyon University is committed to providing students with the resources they need to thrive academically, personally, and professionally.

Campus Life

Expansive Online Degree Programs

Grand Canyon University offers a wide range of online degree programs designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. Students can pursue their passions and advance their careers without disrupting their busy schedules. Online students can access the same resources as on-campus students, including career services, academic advising, and technical support. Online courses are designed to be interactive and engaging, with small class sizes that allow for personalized attention and support.

Grand Canyon University’s online degree programs include undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in fields such as business, education, healthcare, nursing, psychology, and technology. These programs are taught by experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Each program is carefully designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their careers.

Whether you’re looking to earn your degree entirely online or take a combination of online and on-campus courses, Grand Canyon University has the options you need to achieve your goals. Our online degree programs offer the same rigorous curriculum and academic excellence as our on-campus programs.

Academic Excellence and Faculty Expertise

Grand Canyon University is dedicated to academic excellence and providing students with a quality education that prepares them for their future careers. The university takes pride in its faculty members, who are experts in their respective fields, possessing the knowledge and experience to guide students on their academic journey. Their profound academic and professional backgrounds reflect the university’s commitment to excellence.

The highly qualified faculty have brought a rich diversity of experience, culture, and perspective to the classrooms, strengthening the academic program’s credibility and rigor. They are committed to maintaining a well-rounded, so that students can gain a holistic understanding of their subject matter. Through their teaching, faculty members inspire critical thinking, engage students in inquiry, and give them the skills they need to succeed.

At Grand Canyon University, academic excellence is not just a dream, but a reality, one in which students will learn and thrive in an academically challenging and supportive environment. The university’s programs, faculties, and resources will enable students to reach their full potential by providing an enriching education experience.

academic excellence image

The Importance of Academic Excellence

“Academic excellence is the hallmark of a true higher education institution and prepares graduates to be leaders in their fields. It is crucial for students to seek out institutions that prioritize academic excellence as it directly impacts the quality of education.”

At Grand Canyon University, the robust academic program, hands-on learning, and research opportunities are designed to inspire students, so they can gain the skills and knowledge for a successful career. The faculty members foster unique learning experiences that challenge, excite, and motivate students so that they can exceed in their academic goals.

The Rigorous Curriculum

Program Level Rigorous Curriculum
Undergraduate The undergraduate program is designed to provide a solid foundation to students in their fields of study. The curriculum comprises of core coursework, general education courses, and hands-on learning experiences.
Graduate The graduate program is designed to deepen the knowledge of students in their fields of study. The curriculum includes rigorous coursework, research, and experiential learning opportunities that prepare graduates for their future careers.

The rigorous curriculum prepares students for their professional and personal lives, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed. The faculty members continuously improve and update the curriculum, ensuring that it reflects the needs of the current job market.

Faculty Mentors and Advisors

Grand Canyon University faculty members serve as academic mentors and advisors. They provide guidance, support, and direction to students and assist them in planning their academic careers. The faculty mentors work with students to identify their academic strengths, career interests, and goals, providing guidance and insights into their academic and professional pursuits.

In conclusion, at Grand Canyon University academic excellence is not only a priority but an everyday practice. With a rigorous curriculum, faculty expertise, and a culture that fosters academic achievements, students can receive a high-quality education that prepares them for future success.

Career Opportunities and Alumni Success

Grand Canyon University provides graduates with numerous career opportunities that align with their educational backgrounds. The university has cultivated partnerships with industry leaders to offer its students access to internships and professional development programs across various fields. Students can also utilize the university’s career resources, including career fairs, job boards, and interview coaching services, to assist them in finding meaningful employment post-graduation.

Through a combination of their academic training and real-world experience, Grand Canyon University alumni have found success in a wide range of career fields. Recent alumni have gone on to work at top companies such as Nike, Amazon, and Google, among others. Their achievements in various industries are a testament to the quality education and resources provided by the university.

“My experience at Grand Canyon was invaluable in preparing me for my career. The university’s strong network and career resources helped me secure a position at a top consulting firm that I wouldn’t have been able to obtain otherwise.” – Jane Smith, Grand Canyon University graduate

Diversity and Inclusion at Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion on campus through various initiatives and programs. The university recognizes the importance of creating an inclusive community where all individuals can thrive and succeed.

Campus Diversity

Grand Canyon University celebrates diversity and encourages students from all backgrounds to pursue higher education. The university values diversity in its student body and strives to create an inclusive environment where students can learn from one another and build meaningful connections.

Currently, Grand Canyon University has a diverse student population, with students from all 50 states and over 60 countries. The university is committed to promoting diversity and equality, as demonstrated by its partnerships with organizations such as the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Diversity Programs

Grand Canyon University actively promotes diversity through various programs and initiatives. The university’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion oversees diversity-related activities and events, including cultural celebrations, guest speakers, and diversity training.

The university also offers scholarships and other financial assistance to underserved and underrepresented students, helping to make higher education more accessible to all. In addition, Grand Canyon University has established the Multicultural, Diversity, and Inclusion Council, which works to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the university.

Inclusive Campus Climate

Grand Canyon University is dedicated to creating an inclusive campus climate that fosters a sense of belonging for all students. The university offers a range of resources and support services for students, including academic advising, counseling, and disability services.

In addition, Grand Canyon University hosts a variety of student clubs and organizations that promote diversity and inclusion. These groups provide a space for students to come together and celebrate their unique backgrounds and experiences.

“At Grand Canyon University, we believe that diversity is a strength and that each individual brings a unique perspective to our community. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all students feel valued and supported.”

Grand Canyon University recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in higher education and is dedicated to promoting these values on campus. By creating an inclusive community, the university is preparing students to become global leaders who can thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.

Supportive and Engaging Learning Environment

Grand Canyon University is committed to providing students with a supportive and engaging learning environment. The university understands that every student is unique, with different learning styles, backgrounds, and needs. That’s why Grand Canyon University provides personalized attention and support to each student.

From the moment students enroll at the university, they have access to a variety of student resources. These resources are designed to help students succeed academically, personally, and professionally.

Student Resources

The following table provides an overview of the student resources available at Grand Canyon University:

Resource Description
Academic Advisors Academic advisors are available to help students create a personalized academic plan, select courses, and stay on track to graduation.
Tutoring Services Tutoring services are available to help students with course content, study skills, and time management.
Writing Center The writing center provides students with feedback and assistance on writing assignments, helping them improve their writing skills.
Library Services The library provides access to a vast collection of books, journals, and online resources to support students’ academic pursuits.
Disability Services Grand Canyon University is committed to providing equal access and opportunities to all students, including those with disabilities.
Career Services Career services provide students with resources and guidance to help them explore and pursue career opportunities.

In addition to the resources listed above, Grand Canyon University offers a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and events to help students connect with their peers and get involved in the university community. These activities provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, pursue their interests, and build lifelong relationships.

Whether studying on campus or online, students at Grand Canyon University have access to a supportive and engaging learning environment that promotes academic and personal success.


Grand Canyon University is an excellent choice for students seeking a top-ranked, affordable, and inclusive institution for higher education. With expansive online degree programs, a vibrant campus life, and a supportive learning environment, it provides students with everything they need to succeed. Its commitment to academic excellence, diverse community, and expert faculty members makes it an ideal place to earn a degree. We encourage you to consider Grand Canyon University when selecting a university for your academic pursuits.


Is Grand Canyon University a top-ranked university?

Yes, Grand Canyon University is a top-ranked university known for its academic excellence and commitment to providing a quality education.

Are there online degree programs available at Grand Canyon University?

Yes, Grand Canyon University offers a wide range of online degree programs, providing flexibility and convenience for students.

Is Grand Canyon University an accredited university?

Yes, Grand Canyon University is an accredited university, ensuring that its academic programs meet the highest standards of quality and rigor.

What is the tuition like at Grand Canyon University?

Grand Canyon University offers affordable tuition options, making higher education accessible to a diverse range of students.

What is campus life like at Grand Canyon University?

Grand Canyon University offers a vibrant and engaging campus life, with numerous extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations for students to participate in.

What resources are available for students at Grand Canyon University?

Grand Canyon University provides a wide range of student resources, including academic support services and career counseling, to assist students in their academic and professional journey.

What career opportunities are available for graduates of Grand Canyon University?

Graduates of Grand Canyon University have access to a wide range of career opportunities, with the university’s strong network and partnerships with industry leaders.

How does Grand Canyon University promote diversity and inclusion?

Grand Canyon University is committed to diversity and inclusion, with various initiatives and programs in place to create an inclusive community that values and respects individuals from all backgrounds.

What is the learning environment like at Grand Canyon University?

Grand Canyon University provides a supportive and engaging learning environment, offering personalized attention and support to ensure student success.