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What Is Google Classroom – This is google’s educational platform through which teachers can connect with their students. And you can make study related materials available to your students. Google Classroom is a perfect app for today’s time. It is available on both computer and mobile. If any teacher takes online classes of his students. So they face a lot of problems to share study files.

Google Classroom is an online educational platform developed by Google which is designed to meet today’s need along with increasing the interaction between teacher and student. This is a completely free web service provided by Google.

Google Classroom

As we all know that today everything is becoming digital, even the method of reading and teaching is also becoming digital. In such a situation, there are many online platforms for teaching and learning, one of those platforms is Google Classroom which is developed by Google. Whether it is School or College or Coaching Center, it is a great option for all to connect with each other sitting at home between Teacher and Student. Through this platform, the teacher can share any Task, Notes, Study Material, Assignment etc. to his student from anywhere.

In this era of Smart Class, all institutes and colleges are using it very fast. Through Google Classroom, teachers can easily give homework or any other study material to their children by creating a class on the basis of class / section and can also take tests sitting at home if needed, which saves the teacher’s time as well as The communication skills of both the student and the teacher also improve.

In such a situation, it cannot be denied that Google Classroom is a good platform for online paperless study and teaching for teachers and students, because when things are there, they have to be used.

How does Google Classroom Android Application work?

Whenever Google Classroom will work, it will have two sides, first Teacher Side, second Student Side, Teacher will have to Create Class in Teacher Side and Student will have to Join Class in Student Side. For this, a computer or mobile with internet connection will be required for both teacher and student and a Gmail account will be required which is absolutely free.

Google Classroom is available in both Web and Mobile versions, so it is mandatory for teachers and students to have either mobile or computer.

How to create Google Classroom?

  • If you have not already created a class, then go to https://classroom.google.com/ or install Google Classroom App on your smartphone and log in by entering the Gmail Id you want to create Google Classroom. Go….
  • When you will be completely logged in to Google Classroom, its Frist Screen (on computer) will appear in front of you something like this….

Note- The interface will look slightly different in the mobile application. 

How to create google classroom
  • Here you click on the plus icon and click on Create Class.
  • After that Class Creation Window will appear in front of you something like this….
How to create google classroom
  • Here you put Class, Section, Subject, Room No as per your choice and click on Create….
  • After that you will create a class whose interface will look something like this….
How to create google classroom

Note- Your Class Code will be written above the class which the student has to give to join the class.

  • Now you can create a project for the student, for this you click on the Classwork Tab.
  • After that there are many options like- Assignment, QuizAssignment, Question, Material, Reuse Post, Topic etc. to create a project in front of you. Will appear where you can prepare the project according to your choice.
How to create google classroom
  • After that you click on People Tab and add teacher and student.
  • After that you can invite the student for which you can send Invitation Link or Class Code…..

When your student will be connected in your classroom, then you can share your project with your student or interact according to yourself. 

How to share a file, question, assignment… on Google Classroom Android Application?

  • To share any file, question, assignment etc. on Google Classroom, you have to click on Classwork Tab, after that you will see some option like this….
How to share assignment on google classroom
  • Here you can create Assignment, QuizAssignment, Question, Material, Reuse Post, Topic etc and share it with your students.

How to join Google Classroom?

  • To join Google Classroom, if you are using a computer, then you have to go to https://classroom.google.com/ , if you are using a smartphone, then you have to install Google Classroom App, then you have to enter your Gmail Id. You have to log in by entering…
  • When you are completely logged in, the Google Classroom window will appear in front of you like this….
How to join class on google classroom
  • Where you click on the plus icon and click on Join Class….
  • After that you will be asked to enter the Class Code where you enter the Class Code given by your teacher and click on Join….after that you will be Joined from your Classroom….
How to join class on google classroom

Note- If you have been sent a link to join Classroom, then you can do Direct Join without Class Code. 

But on google classroom, teachers can also share any file such as PDF , word file, study links and drive files to their students. Google Classroom is the best platform for students and teachers. Here their biggest advantage is that it is not paid like other platforms. This platform is completely free for all.

So if you are a teacher and want to teach your students through online classes, then you can use this platform. So let us now know in detail what is google classroom. How it works. What is its history? And how can you make your class in this and how can your students join your class.

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Google Classroom As you must have come to know by its name by now, it is a platform related to some kind of online classes. With the help of google classroom, teachers can interact with their students through online medium. And you can give homework related to your subjects to them and you can also give assignments. It is a very important platform for online classes. Because if you conduct online classes through video conferencing apps at the time of Lockdown.

So there you can only teach. But cannot give tasks like assignment and question answers. But if you take the class of your students using google classroom, then here you can ask them any type of question. And can also give assignments to make. Along with this, you can also set due time here. And along with this, if a student submits homework late from his time, then you also get to know about it easily.

Google classroom

Its working process is very simple. All you have to do is login to your google classroom account through your Gmail account . And then you create your class here and after adding your students you can start your class.

What is the history of Google Classroom . 

Google Classroom was first launched on 12 August 2014. It was launched as a demo, which was part of the G-suit education program. After this google made many improvements in it and also added new features, like in 2015 google added API and share button feature in it.

After this, features like calendar, date or time were added to it, then to make it even better, features like assignment and questions task were added to it. So that teachers can teach their students better. However, now features like classwork have also been added in it so that teachers can give classwork to their students. Now more features will be added to this platform later. So that this platform can become better and easier for everyone to use.

How to create class in Google Classroom .   

It’s easy to create any type of class, either on the Google Classroom app or on the Google Classroom website . So let’s know how you can create your class.

  • First of all, as we mentioned above, you have to login to your google classroom account.
  • Now you will see a plus symbol made on the top right side. Which will be next to your profile picture.
  • You have to click on it.
  • Now you will have two options, pop up in front of which one is of join class and the other is of create class, so you have to click on create class here.
  • Now the terms and condition page will open in front of you, here you have to check mark on agree and press continue button.
  • Now in the next step, you have to write the name of your class, write the section, write the subject and enter the number of students in the room option. As many students will join your class.
  • Now your class room will be created and you can share any update like notification status here in your stream option.

How can Student ‘s join Google Classroom  Android Application?  

It is very easy to add any student in Google Classroom. In this you can add your students in two ways. Which is very simple, so let’s know.

  • After you have created your classroom, your second task will be to add students to your class so that you can teach them.
  • You can get your students to join your class in two ways. The first of which is through the class code.
  • When you enter the classroom, then you will see the class code above your class name.
  • You can share this code with your students and ask them to be added. And if you think that a student can share that code with the wrong person, then you can also disable the class code.
  • Another way is through email, you can invite your students by entering their email id. Which is very time consuming process if you have more students in your class.

How to add Task like Assignment, Questions & Answer in Google Classroom .

It is very easy to add task like assignment and question, quiz for student’s in Google Classroom, so let’s know how you can add task.

Google Classroom
  • If you want to post any question task, or assignment task for your students. So first of all you have to click on the classwork option.
  • Now here you have to click on the create button. Which will be on the left side upwards.
  • After clicking, many options will appear in front of you, such as assignment, quiz assignment, question, material, so whatever type of task you want to give, you can select and post it.

For example let’s assume that you have to post an  assignment task here So you have to  click on the  assignment  option .

  • Now a new page will open, here you have to enter the details related to the assignment. Such as Title, instructions so that students can know how and on which topic to make assignment.
  • Now if you want to add any file or link related to assignment, then you can do that also by going to the Add option.
  • Now in the right side you have to fill all the details. As this assignment is for all or for one student, how many points are there. What is the due date of the project. And what is the topic.
  • After doing all the things, you can post the assignment by clicking on the assign button on the top right side or you can also schedule it if you want.
  • When you add any kind of new task, its notification will be received immediately in your students’ Gmail account.

Benefits of Google Classroom Android Application

  • Through this teachers can give online homework to their students. And can also check it.
  • This saves time.
  • Google automatically sends the summery of students’ work to their parents via mail. So through this parents can know the educational status of their children.
  • Records and project files of everything can be easily stored.


Friends, through this post, you have come to know what is google classroom and how it works. And how can you make a classroom in it. As you know that in today’s time many courses are being shifted to online platforms. And many students are also moving towards online classes in today’s time. The reason for this is that through online classes, students and teachers can study according to the flexibility of their time.

Along with this, in today’s time, even in developed countries like USA, now all the classes have become available in both online and offline mediums. So if ever a student is not able to attend the class due to some reason, then he gets the video of the class on the online platform. So that the study of the student is also not affected. In the coming time, it is possible that online classes will get a boost in our country as well and classes will start running completely online here too. However, due to Corona, this has also become possible to some extent.

Friends, how did you like the information about our google classroom , please give us your opinion through the comment box, and if you have any suggestion, you can give that too to us. Along with this, you should also share this post with your teachers, friends and family through social media. So that they too can get information about google classroom

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