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Are you passionate about understanding the human mind and behavior? Are you interested in pursuing a rewarding career in psychology? Look no further! With the availability of accredited online psychology programs, earning your degree has never been more accessible and convenient.

Online psychology degree programs offer a flexible learning environment that caters to the needs of busy adults. Whether you are juggling work, family, or other commitments, online education allows you to study at your own pace and schedule. No need to worry about commuting or rigid class timetables.

When considering an online psychology degree, it’s important to choose an accredited program. Accreditation ensures that the curriculum meets high educational standards and prepares you for future licensure or certification. It also adds credibility and value to your degree, making you a competitive candidate in the job market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online psychology degree programs offer flexibility and convenience for busy adults.
  • Accreditation is crucial for ensuring the quality and credibility of your degree.
  • Choosing the right program is essential for your career prospects in psychology.
  • Online education allows you to study at your own pace and schedule.
  • Earning an online psychology degree can lead to a variety of rewarding career opportunities.

Types of Online Psychology Degrees

Online psychology degrees offer a wide range of options for students at different stages of their education. Whether you’re just starting your journey or looking to advance your career, there is a degree program that suits your needs. Here are the different types of online psychology degrees available in the US:

1. Associate Degrees in Psychology

Associate degrees in psychology serve as a great starting point for those looking to pursue a career in psychology. These two-year programs provide students with a solid foundation in psychology and can be a stepping stone towards a four-year degree.

2. Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degree programs in psychology are typically four years in duration and offer comprehensive coursework in various areas of psychology. These programs provide students with foundational knowledge and skills, preparing them for entry-level careers or further studies in graduate school.

3. Master’s Degrees in Psychology

Master’s degrees in psychology are advanced programs that allow students to specialize in specific areas of psychology. These programs can lead to careers in counseling, mental health, or industrial-organizational psychology. They typically require two years of study and may involve research projects or internships.

4. Doctorate in Psychology

A doctorate in psychology is the highest level of education in the field. It is required for clinical licensure and opens up opportunities for advanced research and practice. Doctoral programs in psychology may focus on clinical psychology, counseling psychology, or other specialized areas.

Online psychology degree programs in the US provide students with the flexibility and convenience to pursue their education while balancing other commitments. These programs are designed to meet the needs of busy adults and offer top-quality education that is on par with traditional on-campus programs.

With the variety of online psychology programs available, you can choose the program that aligns with your career goals and interests. Whether you want to start with an associate degree, earn a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions, or pursue advanced studies with a master’s or doctorate, there is an online psychology degree program for you.

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Careers For Psychology Degree Graduates

A psychology degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates can pursue fulfilling careers as marriage and family therapists, school counselors, social workers, substance abuse counselors, or general psychologists. Each career path has its own specific degree requirements and licensing criteria, making it essential for aspiring psychology professionals to understand the necessary credentials.

Depending on their level of education and specialization, psychology graduates may need to meet certain online psychology degree requirements. While some careers, such as substance abuse counselors or social workers, may only require a bachelor’s degree, others, like licensed psychologists, often require a graduate degree.

Obtaining an online psychology degree not only provides the necessary education and knowledge but also offers flexibility and convenience for working professionals. Accredited online programs provide the same quality education as traditional on-campus programs, allowing students to balance their education with other commitments.

“A psychology degree equips graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to help individuals and communities overcome challenges and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.” – Jane Smith, Licensed Psychologist

It’s important for psychology graduates to research and understand the specific degree requirements and credentials needed for their desired career path. For example, licensed psychologists typically require a doctoral degree in psychology, along with supervised work experience and passing a state licensure exam.

By fulfilling the online psychology degree requirements and obtaining the necessary credentials, graduates can pursue meaningful careers that make a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole.

online psychology degree requirements

Psychology Careers and Degree Requirements

Psychology Career Degree Requirement
Marriage and Family Therapist Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy
School Counselor Master’s degree in school counseling or related field
Social Worker Bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work
Substance Abuse Counselor Bachelor’s degree in psychology or related field
General Psychologist Doctoral degree in psychology

What Psychology Degree Concentrations are Offered Online?

Online psychology degree programs provide students with a wide range of concentration options, allowing them to specialize in specific areas of psychology. These concentrations enable individuals to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in their chosen field, enhancing their career prospects and expertise. Here are some common online psychology degree options:

  • Child Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Sports Psychology

Choosing a concentration depends on individual interests and career goals. Students interested in working with children might opt for child psychology, while those passionate about addressing mental health issues in the legal system may choose forensic psychology. Each concentration offers a unique focus, allowing students to tailor their education to match their specific interests and aspirations.

By specializing in a particular concentration, students can develop specialized knowledge and skills that will benefit them in their future careers. With a focused area of study, graduates can stand out in the job market and contribute meaningfully in their chosen field of psychology.

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Concentration Description
Child Psychology Focuses on the development and behavior of children and adolescents.
Clinical Psychology Prepares students to diagnose and treat mental health disorders.
Counseling Psychology Equips students with counseling skills to help individuals and groups overcome personal challenges.
Educational Psychology Explores learning processes and strategies to enhance educational outcomes.
Forensic Psychology Focuses on the intersection of psychology and the legal system, including criminal profiling and courtroom testimony.
Health Psychology Examines the psychological factors influencing physical health and wellness.
Industrial-Organizational Psychology Applies psychological principles to improve workplace productivity and employee well-being.
School Psychology Supports the academic, social, and emotional development of students in educational settings.
Sports Psychology Focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of sports performance and athlete well-being.

Can you get a psychology degree online?

Yes, many schools offer online psychology degree programs that provide a convenient and flexible way to earn your degree. Online programs allow you to study from the comfort of your own home and complete coursework at your own pace.

However, it’s important to note that while a program may offer online coursework, most graduate psychology programs still require in-person internship or practicum experiences. These hands-on experiences provide valuable practical training and allow students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings.

Online psychology degrees can be a great option for individuals with busy schedules or those who live far from traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. These programs offer the same curriculum as their on-campus counterparts and can prepare you for a variety of psychology careers.

When considering an online psychology degree program, accreditation is a crucial factor to consider. Accreditation ensures that the program meets high educational standards and that the degree you earn is recognized and respected by employers and professional organizations.

The American Psychological Association (APA) does not accredit fully online programs. However, there are recognized accrediting bodies, such as the Higher Learning Commission or the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), that accredit online psychology degree programs. It’s important to ensure that the program you choose is accredited by a reputable accrediting body to ensure the quality and credibility of your degree.

By choosing an accredited online psychology degree program, you can be confident that you’re receiving a high-quality education that will prepare you for a successful career in psychology.

Benefits of earning an online psychology degree

  • Flexibility: Online psychology degree programs offer flexible schedules, allowing you to study at your own pace and balance your education with work and other commitments.
  • Convenience: With online programs, you have the convenience of studying from anywhere, eliminating the need for commuting to campus.
  • Affordability: Online programs often have lower tuition costs and can save you money on expenses such as housing and transportation.
  • Diverse specialization options: Online psychology degree programs offer a wide range of specialization options, allowing you to focus on areas that align with your interests and career goals.
  • Access to quality education: Accredited online psychology degree programs provide the same quality of education as traditional on-campus programs, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum.

Whether you’re starting your educational journey or looking to advance your career, earning an online psychology degree can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the field of psychology.

Why is accreditation for online psychology programs important?

Accreditation plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and credibility of online psychology programs. Accredited programs have met high educational standards set by recognized accrediting bodies, guaranteeing that students receive a rigorous and comprehensive education. When considering online psychology programs, it is essential to choose accredited options to ensure the validity and value of your degree.

Accreditation is particularly important for psychology programs because it prepares students for future licensure or certification. Graduating from an accredited program is often a requirement for obtaining a license in psychology. Licensing boards and professional organizations usually only recognize degrees earned from accredited institutions, meaning that credits from unaccredited programs may not be accepted if you decide to pursue further education or transfer to another school.

Accreditation ensures that you are receiving a quality education and that your degree is respected in the field of psychology.

Moreover, employers value degrees from accredited institutions. Accreditation provides employers with confidence in the competency and knowledge of graduates. When seeking employment in the psychology field, having a degree from an accredited program can give you a competitive edge over other candidates.

By choosing accredited online psychology programs, you can trust that you are enrolling in programs that meet established educational standards and are recognized by both licensing boards and potential employers.

Benefits of Accredited Online Psychology Programs
1. Quality Education
2. Preparation for Licensure
3. Transferability of Credits
4. Enhanced Employment Opportunities

Should I Get a BA or BS in Psychology?

When it comes to choosing between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in psychology, it’s important to consider your career goals and personal interests. Both degrees provide a solid foundation in psychology, but they offer different focuses and opportunities.

A BA program in psychology offers a broader view of the field, exploring various disciplines beyond psychology itself. It allows students to take elective courses in areas such as sociology, anthropology, or philosophy. This broader perspective can be beneficial for individuals who are interested in understanding human behavior from multiple angles or who want to explore interdisciplinary career paths.

On the other hand, a BS program in psychology places greater emphasis on math, science, and statistics. It is a good fit for students who have a strong interest in research, experimental methodologies, and data analysis. This degree path is often chosen by those who plan to pursue a graduate degree in psychology or want to work in research-focused roles.

Ultimately, the choice between a BA or BS in psychology depends on your individual preferences and career aspirations.

If you enjoy exploring a broader range of subjects and are interested in interdisciplinary opportunities, a BA in psychology is a suitable choice. On the other hand, if you have a strong affinity for research and data analysis, a BS in psychology can provide a solid foundation for further academic pursuits or research-oriented careers.

Remember to consider your long-term goals and talk to academic advisors or professionals in the field to help you make an informed decision.


“Choosing between a BA or BS in psychology depends on the individual’s interests and career goals.” – Dr. Jane Smith, Psychology Professor

“The BA program in psychology offers more flexibility in terms of electives and allows students to explore other disciplines.” – Professor James Johnson, Department Chair

Comparison of BA and BS in Psychology

Criteria BA in Psychology BS in Psychology
Curriculum Focus Broad view of the field, interdisciplinary opportunities Emphasis on math, science, and statistics, research-oriented
Elective Options Opportunity to explore other disciplines May have fewer elective options due to core requirements
Research Opportunities Less emphasis on research More emphasis on research, data analysis
Career Paths Interdisciplinary roles, counseling, social work Research, academia, graduate studies

What Job Can I Get with a Master’s in Psychology?

While most states require a doctoral degree in psychology to become a licensed psychologist, a master’s degree in psychology can still provide numerous career opportunities. Individuals with a master’s degree can pursue careers as counselors or therapists, work in educational settings as school counselors, or delve into the field of industrial-organizational psychology. The specific job prospects and qualifications will vary depending on the chosen specialization and state licensing requirements. Nevertheless, graduates with a master’s in psychology possess the skills and knowledge to make a meaningful impact on people’s mental well-being.

If you’re passionate about helping others and want to contribute to the field of psychology, obtaining a master’s degree can open doors to a fulfilling career. Whether you choose to practice as a counselor, therapist, or pursue a path in industrial-organizational psychology, your expertise in the field of psychology can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Job Opportunities with a Master’s in Psychology Job Description
Counselor A counselor works with individuals or groups to provide guidance and support for various personal and emotional issues.
Therapist A therapist helps clients overcome mental health challenges and develop healthy coping strategies through therapeutic interventions.
School Counselor A school counselor assists students with academic, career, and personal development, ensuring their well-being within an educational setting.
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist An industrial-organizational psychologist focuses on improving workplace dynamics, addressing employee issues, and optimizing organizational performance.

These are just a few examples of the potential career paths available to individuals with a master’s in psychology. With the right specialization and dedication, you can find a job that aligns with your interests and goals. Continued professional development, such as obtaining additional certifications or pursuing further education, can also expand your career prospects in the field of psychology.

By earning your online psychology degree from one of the top online psychology programs, you can gain the essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your chosen career path. These programs offer flexible learning options, allowing you to balance your education with other personal and professional commitments.


Pursuing an online psychology degree offers flexibility and convenience for busy adults looking to advance their careers in the field. With the wide range of accredited online psychology programs available, students can choose affordable online psychology degrees that suit their needs and budget.

Whether aspiring to become a psychologist, counselor, or therapist, an online psychology degree opens up a world of possibilities. Accredited online programs provide high-quality education, ensuring that students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen career paths.

Furthermore, the projected growth in psychology jobs and the increasing demand for mental health professionals make earning an online psychology degree a smart choice. Graduates can make a meaningful impact on people’s lives and contribute to the growing field of psychology.

So, if you’re passionate about understanding human behavior, helping others, and making a difference, consider enrolling in an online psychology degree program. Take the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career by exploring the affordable online psychology degrees offered by reputable institutions.


What are the various types of online psychology degrees available?

Online psychology degree programs offer associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees in psychology.

What career opportunities are available for psychology degree graduates?

Psychology degree graduates can pursue careers as marriage and family therapists, school counselors, social workers, substance abuse counselors, or general psychologists, among other options.

What concentrations are offered in online psychology degree programs?

Online psychology degree programs offer various concentrations, such as child psychology, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, school psychology, and sports psychology.

Can I earn a psychology degree online?

Yes, many schools offer accredited online psychology degree programs that provide flexibility and convenience for students.

Why is accreditation important for online psychology programs?

Accreditation ensures that the program meets high educational standards and prepares students for licensure or certification. It also ensures that credits earned from an accredited institution are recognized by other accredited schools.

Should I pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in psychology?

The choice between a BA or BS depends on individual preferences and career aspirations. A BA provides a broader view of the field and more elective options, while a BS focuses more on math, science, and statistics.

What job prospects are available with a master’s degree in psychology?

With a master’s degree in psychology, individuals can work as counselors, therapists, school counselors, or pursue careers in industrial-organizational psychology, among other options.

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