What is the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines


What is the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines In mathematical terms, line is outlined as a straight path that’s endless. it’s a group of points that extends infinitely in two directions. They’re endlessly straight; they are going on and on and on. Lines may be employed in many alternative ways in which. we are able to build straight lines, we are able to build sinuous lines, and that we will build wavy lines too. Some lines square measure short, some lines square measure long, some square measure skinny, and a few square measures thick. A line shows the define of a form. One variety of line is termed parallel means that similar. In pure mathematics, two lines square measure aforementioned to be parallel if they’re equal and can ne’er meet.

What is Parallel?

Although it should appear as if it, however the two steel rods can ne’er cross as a result of they’re parallel. There are a unit several samples of parallel lines that you just see everyday like table, chair, staircase, drawer, door, and road area unit solely a number of. There are a unit countless samples of parallel lines around North American country that we have a tendency to see everyday nevertheless don’t notice.

Parallel lines area unit lines which will ne’er meet on a plane and that they area unit perpetually at An equal distance apart. Imagine, what would happen if the support steps weren’t parallel with one another or take the legs of a chair, for that matter? Anyone victimization the steps or the chair would possible fall. two parallel lines have identical slope and that they can ne’er bit one another. However, for two lines to be parallel they need to air identical plane.

What is Perpendicular?

Lines can’t be perpetually parallel. In fact, lines will cross and after they do, angles area unit fashioned at their point. once two lines cross at a right angle which means with a live of 90°, the lines that fashioned those angles area unit same to be perpendicular. In pure mathematics, perpendicular suggests that at a right angle. once a line meets another line at a right angle, or 90°, perpendicularity is made which means each lines area unit perpendicular to every alternative.

In easy terms, a line that produces a right angle with another is named a perpendicular line. for instance, walls area unit perpendicular to the ground or after we stand upright, we have a tendency to stand perpendicular to the plane. two perpendicular lines type four angles at their intersection points, all of that area unit equal and area unit at right angles.

Key difference:

Two non-vertical lines are a unit afore mentioned to be parallel if they’re equal until the top of infinite lengths and has an equivalent slope. In pure mathematics, the lines that area unit equally distant from one another altogether their components and can ne’er come across area unit known as parallel lines. Lines can’t be continuously parallel. once 2 crossed  lines type four angles at their intersection points, all of that area unit equal and at right angles, then the lines area unit aforementioned to be perpendicular to every alternative. 2 lines area unit perpendicular once they meet at right angles.