What is the difference between You and sunglasses

What is the meaning of You:

The word you is referred as the meaning of person when speaking to the other person. Such as example You walk fast. This is the sentence and the meaning is tell about one person can be walk fast. Always the other person is look beautiful to compare with ourselves. You is generally used as a grammar part. The pronoun of the second person singular or plural,used of the person or persons being addressed,in the nominative or objectives case. You are the highest bidder. It is you who are to blame. We can’t help you. This package comes from you.The word you is used in many places.

What is the meaning of sunglasses:

A convex lens is occupied in the sunglasses and cool the sight of eyes.The sun rays are very attractive to our eyes. But the converging lens of sunglasses are protect the sun rays. Glasses are to protect the eyes from sun. Wearing sunglasses under direct sunlight what will happen Large lenses offer good protection but broad temple arms also called as sunglasses. They can act as a function of visual aid,as variously termed spectacular glasses and existence of glasses.

Difference between You and sunglasses:


1.You is the word that is described thean and a another person.

2.This is always called as a grammar part word.

3.You is referred the man action how to tell and made the meaning of the sentence.

4.There are many meanings like you and because it is uses in the sentence.

5.You is a specified word.

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1.The sunglasses are made by the convex lenses. And is manufactured in the scientific industry.

2.It will prevent the human eye sight to do not affect by the sun rays.

3.Diring the form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high energy visible products.

4.The lenses of sunglasses are used in the purpose of cooling the eyes and escape from the sun rays.

5.This is known as the sunglasses.

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