What is The Difference Between Transport and Communication

Difference between Transport and Communication:


The transport is the word which is commonly used in this modern world.Because transport will help the person to move one place to another place.The bus facilities and other vehicle facilities are very important in this world and easily take away the people by all types of transport.

The communication is the word that refers to the mass communication and other communications.The electronic device which is used to talk the family members and friends circles.This is helpful in all the Times by talking with another person.


  1. Transport refers the movements of people from one place to another place of a vehicle.
  2. Transport can be through on waterways or pipelines.
  3. The transport purpose, the new inventions of transportation.
  4. In the transportation movement goods take place.
  5. They move by petrol , diesel or electric power.
  6. Transport helps to connect regions.
  7. Transport can be under private or public ownership.


  1. Communication is a process of sharing ideas between peoples.
  2. Communication consists of radio.
  3. Communication can be at a personal level be mass of communication.
  4. Communication fulfils the social needs.
  5. they convey our views and news.
  6. They work by electric waves.
  7. Examples : telephone, telegraph etc….

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