What is The Difference Between Tragedy and Comedy


Difference between Tragedy and comedy:

What is Tragedy:

The word Tragedy is referred to as depression or sorrowful events.That is established and acting by the drama or cinema actors.Tragedy is the action that is produced by the actors and audience are always encouraged them.During the drama time The character of actors are changing their emotions and acting purpose by the time period.It is usually a series of series committee will action in the fear and pity.For example the English poet writer are always written a story with the fundamental of Sorrowful and sadness of the human reactions.The emotions are always touch the other person mind.The drama creator write the content about the ending of one man life because that is cause during the life of Sorrowful man that is called Tragedy.

What is comedy:

The word comedy is the meaning of the person or actor that is create the human mind of very happily.The cinema is always contains a comedy that is written by the director.When the person or human is affected by the sorrowful and the man going to the theatre and saw the comedy.Then only the man is always smile in his face.The active and support of directors is to be maintain the human beings happily.This is called as the comedy.

Difference between the Tragedy and comedy:


1.It is described about the sorrowful and sadness of the reaction.

2.This Tragedy is written by the dramatic and poets mind.

3.A tragedy has a sad and depression ending while a comedy has a happy and vigorous ending.

4.The plot of a tragedy is marked with a series of action and the audience will feel very sad.

5.The tragedy is fully differed from the comedy.

6.It is always written and acting by all human emotions.


1.It is described about the comedy and happiness of the human life.

2.The comedy is written by the Director and acting of the hero and heroine.

3.comedy is a character with ambiguity in language while tragedy is deals with concrete language.

4.The comedy is always change the human mind because when a person mind is sorrowful and sad .when he saw the comedy automatically it change the mind.

5.The comedy is always differ from the tragedy.

6.The active action of human is always reaction by the actors.