What is the difference between the bookkeeping and accounting


What is the difference between the bookkeeping and accounting

In money nomenclature, the terms accounting and accounting are a unit used interchangeably. But, one ought to note that each these ideas area unit completely different. accounting is restricted to the recording of monetary transactions. But, accounting additionally deals with the interpretation, analysis, news and report of monetary information.

What is the Bookkeeping:

Bookkeeping refers to the method of consistently recording and classifying money transactions of a corporation for a year. It forms the idea of accounting. It focuses chiefly on maintaining AN correct record of all the financial or money transactions of a corporation. Correct and correct clerking is significant for a business because it provides reliable into a couple of company.

What is the Process of bookkeeping:

Identifying a financial or money dealings.

Recording a financial or money dealing.

Preparing a ledger accounts for all the money transactions.

Preparing balance on the idea of ledger account balances.


Accounting includes a broader scope than accountancy.  Accounting is that the language of business. it’s a method of recording, measuring, summarizing, associatealyzing money transactions and human action money data of an entity. Also, accounting determines and presents the money position of a business to stakeholders. It helps the users of monetary data like investors, creditors, employees, and therefore the government to assess the believability of the business. It additionally helps in brief and future higher cognitive process.

Process of Accounting

Recording adjusting entries.

Preparing and analysing money statements.

Assessing operational price.

Filling tax returns.

Financial higher cognitive process.

Key difference:

Merging accountancy and Accounting Functions:

With the introduction of the accounting and accountancy code, some functions of accounting square measure currently slowly forming a vicinity of the accountancy method. Also, accountancy code is currently generating monetary statements likewise. Thus, the demarcation between accountancy and accounting is currently decreasing.

Bookkeeping might become Obsolete:

A comptroller makes knowledge entries, balances bank ledgers and reconciles bank statements. But, slowly accountancy code can perform these tasks and therefore the functions of accountancy can diminish and become obsolete.

Extending the Services:

Newer technologies square measure providing added services like payroll process, master card reconciliation, etc. with the assistance of the most recent code. The bookkeepers and accountants have to be compelled to be currently receptive technological advancements and explore rising code choices.