what is the Difference between Terminal and Connector


Difference between Terminal and Connector

The terminal is used in an people by controlling the electrical appliances.while the humans are using the Terminal and conductor but the current flows will confuse them.Because terminal and connector is flow in the same direction.It doesn’t change the current flows.But they have the similar difference between terminal and connector.

Definition of Terminal:

The terminal is known as a connector.Tge connectors are always attached in the end points of circuit.It is reusable and recycling process.This type of connecting wires are winding with thick wire in the end points.

In case,the terminal is not sealed by the connectors that will block due to the absence of current flows.This is made up of the plastic material.

When we try to put the wire inside there has a small whole in all the sides.Tgere we insert the wire and positive charge and negative charge of current will produce.During the power of terminal that is produced.

Definition of connector:

Connector means to connect the two points of wires and winding that wires .

When the two wires are connected in the circuit then the current will produce.

Connector is a fundamental term that is produced by the attachment of wires.The plug of switch box is carrying the current into another appliances.

Therefore,connector plays an important role in the current flows.

We well know about the connector and terminal.