What is The Difference Between Strip Packaging and Blister Packaging


Difference between strip packaging and Blister packaging:

1.strip packaging:

The strip packaging is known as the coverage of capsules. The tablets are wounded by the thick metallic cover around the capsule.Before it is released by the doctors the pharmaceutical reasearch organization will approve and sealed the tablet.After this process only we getting the pure capsules.This type of forming process and package is called strip packaging.

2.Blister packaging:

Blister packaging materials are made by the solicious matters and thick metallic covers. During this cover will protect the tablet from not to any air affect this capsules.Because of the helping of more gases are present in this coverage. This type of packaging is called as blister packaging.

There are three types of blister are used in the pharmacy:

insertion type:

The position of blister packaging being inserted by the medicines. The tablet is made by the pharmaceutical industry such as the doctor. It doesn’t need any equipment and materials it is only require the workers.

Temperature packaging:

The cover of blister is covered by the polythene cover.These cover is filled with a air containing the frequency of temperature.The pressure of air will be produced in this package.

Sealing process of packaging:

The sealing process is lead by the pharmacy members.During the experiment is finished with successfull then the officers put sealing and distribute the capsule .