What is the difference between straw and hay


What is the Hay:

Hay or fodder bales are a unit important in animal swarming and a typical fixture in farmlands. it’s high nutrient content and in and of itself, is employed in creating animal feed once animals can not be touched in grasslands. it’s made up of mixtures of various high nutrient plants like trefoil, alfalfa, grasses like island or grass, and more. it’s significantly vital in farmlands with long winter periods or throughout extended droughts.

Farmers in these places rely on fodder and switch them into bales to be fed to kine, sheep, and horses. Farmers with a lot of fodder conjointly concentrate on manufacturing fodder bales to be oversubscribed to different farmers. However, it should be noted that fodder bales contain plenty of wet. most in order that it makes them ignitible. this can be the rationale why plants created as fodder ought to be utterly dry alternatively they preserve high wet. Another is that you simply will ne’er take care if fodder bales contain 100 percent high nutrient plants. In some instances, you may be introducing weed on your farm with it.

What is the Straw:

Basically, straw is that the by-product of the dried stems of wheat, barley, and different grains once harvest. It serves a distinct purpose compared to fodder and usually has no price in terms of animal feed et al.. In some areas, straws are literally thought of as waste by-products of harvest. still, straws area unit used as stuffing for mattresses, used for animal beddings, used as a fabric in exploitation straw hats or maybe baskets. it’s additionally used as mulch notably for strawberry farms. it’s additionally standard as fall or day decoration and in makeshift houses barns or thatched roofs. it’s additionally tapped  as a bio-energy supply.

Both the hay and straw is made up of:

Straw is formed of the dried stalks of cereals and grains once harvest. the foremost common sources of straw are wheat, barley, oats, rice, and rye. It are often bundled exploitation twigs or wire and is keep for uses on the far side placental mammal feed.

Hay is usually made from varied plant combos and was placental mammal feed. fodder isn’t a generic feed. Some are made from high sugar plants for heavy-working animals like horses and cows. The plants that makeup fodder are harvested once they are inexperienced. Specifically, they’re cut and dried into fodder bales shortly once they grow from the seeds.