What is The Difference Between Storage and Memory


What is the difference between storage and memory:


In laptop language,  memory and storage area unit the 2 most vital elements involving computer’s storage system wherever everything happens. Whereas memory has one thing to try and do with the first memory of the pc or RAM, storage refers to the physical element that stores digital data. Memory is largely fabricated from RAM chips, whereas storage, generally terms, refers to laborious drives or solid-state drives. Each terms area unit technically a similar and it will be confusing from time to time as a result of their measured in same units: bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, etc. However, functionally speaking, each area unit quite completely different in a very approach they store and retain knowledge.


In technical terms, the memory refers to the RAM (Random Access Memory) that is kind of the most space wherever all the work is completed. It’s like an inside storage system that identifies storage of knowledge within the variety of chips. A bit like a personality’s brain, the pc memory is employed to store knowledge and directions briefly or for good.

In easy terms, memory is spoken as any electronic element that’s capable of storing knowledge and knowledge on a short lived basis. Thus, in a very laptop, memory goes by RAM, that is quite a storage media that stores temporary knowledge. after you click on any application, or access a document, or do something, for that matter, the pc stores the information within the RAM (chips really hold the data).


Storage principally refers to physical storage devices that area unit capable of storing information and data on a semipermanent, like a tough Winchester drive (HDD). It’s a medium of storage that holds permanent and high capability information that aren’t within the pc main memory. Storage may be a core element of any machine that stores all the knowledge that the pc is aware of.

Unlike memory, storage devices are often unplugged at any time and also the information can still be intact successive time the device is blocked in. information remains a similar and zilch changes within the disc drive: everything gets realized into the most memory. As long because the information is within the RAM, solely you’ll access or modify the info, that gets back to the Winchester drive once you reserve it.