What is The Difference Between Static Friction and Sliding Friction


Difference between static friction and sliding friction:


Static friction is known as the straight line manufacturing and is sending position is standing in the friction is called as static friction.

Sliding friction is known as the letters that are constructed in the sliding position.During the sliding position letters are being called as sliding friction.

Static friction:

  1. Static friction is an object at rest.
  2. Static friction is the friction between two surface.
  3. Static friction is directly proportional to the applied force.
  4. It changes its value as per applied force.
  5. Static friction is self adjusting force.
  6. The friction force is acting on the body is called as static friction.
  7. Friction force is not in relation with each other.

Sliding friction :

  1. The two surface of the body are in contact at sliding is called sliding friction.
  2. Sliding friction is also known as Kinetic friction.
  3. the contact force that sliding a two object or surface.
  4. Examples: bicycle brakes , walking , writting.
  5. The object moving with the same speed is measure of sliding friction.
  6. it creates by any two object when sliding against each other.
  7. Slide friction occures microscopic on surfaces.