What is The Difference Between Starch and Glycogen


What is The Difference Between The Starch and Glycogen

Glycogen and Starch area unit 2 polymers of aldohexose that area unit found within the living cells. aldohexose is created by the method of chemical process in plants and is that the simplest variety of sugar. aldohexose forms polymers to additional turn out complicated sugars or carbohydrates polysaccharide and starch.

glycogen is that the compound of aldohexose that’s the most energy part for fungi and animals whereas aldohexose is that the compound of aldohexose that’s a vital energy part for plants.


Starch is that the essential energy storage element in plants. it’s the compound that’s of maximum importance to plants in energy storage and production. a number of the plants that contain starch within the ample amounts square measure potatoes, rice, corn, etc.

Starch is additional shaped by the mixture of 2 varieties of molecules particularly amylose and amylopectin.  Amylose has the compound units hooked up within the linear and also the helical structure whereas Amylopectin forms the branched chains.


Glycogen is that the energy storage macromolecule that’s found solely in animals and plants. it’s the chemical compound of the straightforward sugar referred to as alpha aldohexose. The aldohexose compound units area unit command by the sturdy glycosidic bonds to make the chemical compound polyose.

It is additionally referred to as the polyose and is found in liver cells, muscle cells, and abdomen. It stores aldohexose to supply the body with identical once it’s energy deficient. it’s quite kind of like amyl pectin however could be a extremely branched structure.

When the body needs energy, polyose is instantly weakened into aldohexose to supply the body energy that it needs. This method is thought as glycogenolysis. This method is stirred with the assistance of internal secretion endocrine.

Some of the difference between starch and glycogen:

Glycogen and starch area unit the polymers of the compound alpha aldohexose however take issue in numerous ways that. polysaccharide is that the constructive-metabolic sugar that’s found chiefly in animals and fungi whereas Starch is that the energy storage sugar found in plant cells.

Glycogen is formed from the single-molecule whereas starch contains 2 molecules amylose and amylopectin. the fundamental distinction between the 2 terms is that of their prevalence. polysaccharide happens within the fatty  tissues because the body fat and therefore the liver cells. It provides energy to the body whenever needed.