What is The Difference between starch and cellulose


Difference between starch and cellulose:


Starch is a tiny particle that is produced inside the human body.The single cell that is secreted in the pancreatic system of cell organism.The rotation of human body is worked by the starch.It is constructed in the same direction of stomach.

Cellulose is a very thick and large particles that are considered in the human body.The thicker cells are not dissolved in the normal water it is only dissolved in the warm water.Because normal water could not contains any type of action.



1.starch is a weak and thin particle.

2.(C6H10O5)is the molecular formula of starch.

3.The polysaccharide nucleus is present in this type of nucleus.

4.The single cell consists in the alpha glucose.

5.There are linked in the glycerine.

6.water soluble cells are secreted in this starch.


1.cellulose is a thick and strong particle.

2.(C6H12O6)is the molecular formula of cellulose.

3.The polymerization nucleus is present in this type of nucleus.

4.This double cell consists of beta glucose.

5.The glycerol is present in the body cell.

6.water is insoluble in this compound.