What is The Difference Between Sperm and Semen



Sperm may be a microscopic male germ cell created of associate oval-shaped head and an extended tail, and therefore the job of spermatozoon is to fertilize the feminine eggs. Spermatozoon is carried by a mixture of fluids that facilitate the spermatozoon reach the egg, which mixture of fluid is termed bodily fluid. Thus bodily fluid or humor is associate organic fluid created to contain and transport spermatozoon or spermatozoa from the male fruitful tract to the feminine fruitful tract.

Semen contains nutrients substances that facilitate the spermatozoon survive whereas conjointly giving them medium or fluid to swim in on route to the ovaries or feminine eggs. The aim of spermatozoon is to fertilize the egg, and therefore the purpose of bodily fluid is to assist the sperms reach ovaries.


Small & compact male generative cells square measure referred to as gamete. The work of a gamete is to fertilize the feminine eggs. Sperms square measure perpetually  being created in your body. it’s believed that a median man produces a minimum of 1500 sperms cells per second. It takes regarding 2 months for a gamete to mature. Sperms travel in liquid body substance, and a 0.5 teaspoon of liquid body substance contains anyplace from thirty million to two hundred million sperms.

Sperm square measure usually product of 3 elements the pinnacle, midriff & tail. the pinnacle of the gamete contains male polymer material, that is formed with chromosomes. Mitochondria square measure placed within the midriff of the gamete offers energy to the gamete. The tail helps the gamete move forward. gamete count and gamete motility square measure the 2 key factors that have an effect on male fertility once ejaculation. gamete will live up to 5 days within a channel.


Semen may be a greyish-white body substance that contains spermatozoon and is secreted by the gonads of males. seminal fluid provides nutrition and medium to swim to the sperms. the method through that spermatozoon is discharged is termed ejaculation.