What is The Difference Between Sorting and Filtering


Difference between sorting and Filtering:

Definition of soaring :

Sorating of data refers the meaning and the data are collected.


  1. Sorting is the date that arrange the meaning and the data.
  2. It involves the arrangement of data.
  3. Numerical data are collected by sorted.
  4. It flitering the data and eliminating information.
  5. Sorting is done for better organization.
  6. It is easy to analysis.
  7. It flitering the data done to narrow.
  8. The data eliminating some informations.
  9. Examples : numerical data are collected.

Definition of Filtering :

Flitering are used to limit data in worksheet that allows the display to view.


  1. Filtering data let’s the hide important files.
  2. The data focus only on intrested.
  3. Sorting gives the option of metric you want.
  4. Filtering are the tools you oraganize the data.
  5. Filtering is the other hand useless of different ways.
  6. It doesn’t strictly fall within a value.
  7. It changes the sequence of the products.
  8. It enables the products that do not match criteria.
  9. Filtering are the tools that organize your data.