What is The Difference Between Shadow and Image


Difference between Shadow and Image:

Definition of shadow:

shadow is formed when an opaque object come into the path of light.


  1. An opaque object arrives in the path of light a shadow is formed.
  2. Shadow requires screen then it is formed.
  3. It instance of and or walls of a room.
  4. Formation of had it takes place when the light falls.
  5. It is the shadow no light enters our eyes.
  6. Shadow Does not give information.
  7. Shadow is Not an optical.
  8. It representation of any object intersecting the light.
  9. It has a screen to form a shadow.

Definition of image :

The formation of image takes place when the light or reflected by an object.


  1. Image contains colour structure etc….
  2. We are able to see images when light is refracting.
  3. The size of image is the same size of the object.
  4. It formed by intersection of reflected.
  5. Images seen when reflected rays observe our eyes.
  6. Image can be straight or inverted.
  7. Image is the optical representation of object.
  8. Images formed due to the refraction of light.
  9. Image give more information such as colour structure etc…..