What is The Difference Between Recruitment and Selection


What is the difference between recruitment and selection:

Recruitment is a process of searching out the potential candidates and inspiring them to apply for the actual or anticipated vacancy. The Selection is a process of hiring employees among the shortlisted candidates and providing them a job in the company.

Due to increase in population, getting a good job is not an easy task. The large supply of workforce has given them the opportunity to select the best talent. Nowadays, there is a very lengthy procedure for appointment of an person to a post. There are two major stages which may be heard by you hundreds and hundreds of times; they are enlisting and choice.

Recruitment and Selection


Recruitment could be a method of checking out the potential candidates and stimulating them to use for the vacancy. it’s an extended method that involves a series of activities that starts with analysing the duty needs and ends on the appointment of the worker.

The enlisting is finished by the Human Resource managers either internally or outwardly. The sources of internal enlisting are promotion, transfers, retrenched staff, contact or references, ex-employees, retired staff, etc. On the opposite hand,  sources of external enlisting ar enlisting through promotional material, field enlisting, enlisting by employment exchanges, enlisting by third parties (recruitment agencies), net recruiting, unsought candidates, etc.


Selection is associate activity during which the organization selects a set variety of candidates from an outsized variety of candidates. It involves the particular appointment of the worker for filling up the vacancies of the enterprise. The term choice suggests that the location of the proper man at the proper job. We have a tendency to all recognize that tons of individuals apply for one job at the time of enlisting in that during which within which the recruiters ought to decide which candidate fits the simplest for the duty.

The process of choice could be a long one as a result of the hour managers ought to establish the eligibility of each candidate for the post. Besides this, the tutorial qualification, background, age, etc. are a number of the foremost necessary factors during which they need to pay a lot of attention. After this, the written examination and interview is additionally a awfully robust task.