What is The Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative

Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative


Statistics is all concerning study and assortment of knowledge. In our earlier topic, we’ve got mentioned primary and secondary information. Primary information is that the information non-inheritable by the man of science to handle the matter at hand, that is assessed as qualitative information and quantitative information. Qualitative information may be a information involved with descriptions, which may be discovered however can’t be computed.

On the contrary, quantitative information is that the one that focuses on numbers and mathematical calculations and may be calculated and computed.

Definition of qualitative:

Qualitative knowledge refers to the info that has insights and understanding a couple of specific drawback. It may be approximated however can’t be computed. Hence, the man of science ought to possess complete data regarding the sort of characteristic, before the gathering of knowledge.

The nature of knowledge is descriptive so it’s a small amount troublesome to investigate it. This sort of knowledge may be classified into classes, on the premise of physical attributes and properties of the thing. The info is understood as spoken or written narratives instead of numbers. It’s involved with the info that’s discernible in terms of smell, appearance, taste, feel, texture, gender, position so on.

Definition of quantitative:

Quantitative knowledge, because the name suggests is one that deals with amount or numbers. It refers to the knowledge the info the information that computes the values and counts and might be expressed in numerical terms is named quantitative data. In statistics, most of the analysis area unit conducted victimization this knowledge.

Quantitative knowledge is also employed in computation and applied maths take a look at. It’s involved with measurements like height, weight, volume, length, size, humidity, speed, age etc. The tabular and delineated presentation of knowledge is additionally doable, within the kind of charts, graphs, tables, etc.

Key points of qualitative and quantitative :

The data kind, during which the classification of objects is predicated on attributes (quality) is named qualitative knowledge. The sort of knowledge information which might be counted and expressed in numbers and values is named quantitative data.

The analysis methodology is alpha in qualitative knowledge, i.e. to supply insights and understanding. On the opposite hand, quantitative knowledge is conclusive in nature that aims at testing a selected hypothesis and examines the relationships.

The approach to inquiry within the case of qualitative knowledge is subjective and holistic whereas quantitative knowledge has an objective and targeted approach.

When the information kind is qualitative the analysis is non-statistical. As hostile quantitative knowledge that uses applied math analysis.

In qualitative knowledge, there’s AN unstructured gathering of information. As against this, knowledge assortment is structured in quantitative knowledge.

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