What is The Difference Between Political Executive and Permanent Executive

Difference between political executive and permanent executive:

Political executive:

1.The political are responsible for the elected members of appointed the ministers.

2.During the election time the people are gathered together and select the party members.

3.When the person of politics is removed by the council and the another member is replaced in that place.

4.They are always affected by the changes of government.Because changing government leads to destroy the standard of people.

5.Who will release in the election that person is competitive and include in the next election.

6.The people is the most important role play in political executive.

Permanent executive:

1.The public is selected the member that member will serve the people and lead their life into better .

2.The permanent decide members are having all the rights.

3.They have the ability to change the environment.

4.Permanently appointed members are ruled the people and party members.

5.The government does not affect the change.

6.This type of social studies and works are called politics.

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