What is The Difference Between Plain and Plateau


Difference between plain and plateau:

Definition of plain:

The word plain is referred as the free land surface.The flat is considered as the large amount of land surface in the geographical words.The elevation of this plain is more than water land.Because the plain land is now construction of buildings.plains are the major land forms on earth.The deep fall of land is fertiled away from the land.There are many types of plains occupied in the earth.


1.The plain is a free land surface.

2.This is formed by the mountains and coastal plains region.

3.Biomes on plain including grassland,steepe,Savannah or tundra.

4.The deserts and rain forest cover area is called as plain.

5.The sediment of fossil fuel is very important of this cause.

6.The agricultural land surface is differ from the plain region.

7.The plain region is a fundamental use of human life.

Definition of plateau:

In geology the word plateau is defined as the physical geography a plateau is also called as high plain or table land in an area of high land consisting of flat terrain that is raised sharply above the surrounding area at least one side .This area is known as plateau region.


1.plateau is known as the hill region.

2.This is considered as the area of elevated grass land and flat land.

3.The entire area of monument valley is the part of Colorado plateau.

4.It is considered as a high land because of the mountain and hills are Highly located lands.

5.The terrain land is main consumption of the plateau region.

6.A few plateau may have small flat that is meaning of small land surface.

7.while the small land surface and High level mountains are called as plateau.