What is The Difference Between Physical and Chemical Properties


Physical properties:

Physical properties square measure those who will be discovered and measured while not ever-changing the particular composition of the matter. The chemical and molecular composition remains an equivalent notwithstanding the measure methodology that’s used.

Any property which will be detected and measured while not performing arts a chemical process is therefore a property.

Physical changes will occur, e.g. amendment of states, however this solely changes the physical form not the chemical structure or molecular composition of the substance. for example, once water freezes, the chemical nature of the water doesn’t amendment, therefore melting point is another property.

States of matter is additionally a property since all substances will exist in a very solid, liquid or gas part counting on energy loss or gain.


Extensive and intensive of physical properties:

Extensive –depends on the number of matter being measured, as an example, mass, volume, and length.

Extensive properties square measure external, that’s the substance can’t be known victimization these and also the worth changes looking on the number of the substance gift. for instance you’ll live 10g of oil or 10g of water however this doesn’t alter you to spot a substance as being oil or water.


Intensive – don’t depend upon the number of matter being measured, for instance: color, density, viscosity, buoyancy, temperature, melting point.

Intensive properties square measure perpetually an equivalent and may be accustomed determine what a substance is.

Chemical properties:

A property by definition means measure the property ends up in a amendment within the actual chemical structure of the substance. Chemical properties become apparent once the substance undergoes a chemical action or reaction.


Chemical properties describe the flexibility of a substance to mix with different substances, or develop into a distinct product. it’s the simplest way to explain what a substance might react with or find yourself turning into. once a chemical process happens, matter changes to a completely totally different kind of matter.

A property is any quality which will be established only a amendment is formed within the chemical identity of the substance. Merely touching or perceptive a substance won’t demonstrate its chemical properties. The structure of the matter or substance should be modified so as to visualize the property.

Chemical properties square measure helpful to understand since this helps within the identification of unknown substances or once attempting to separate or purify substances, and may modify scientists to classify substances like compounds.