What is The Difference Between Pharaphrasing and Summarizing


Difference between pharaphrasing and summarizing:

Definition of pharaphrasing:

The paragraph is defined as the pharaphrasing.It is written by the author, students,social advertisement,etc ..

The main concept of this pharaphrasing is known as to eloborate the single word or line to convert the paragraph writing.In this paragraph writing is delivered us to many points and message of the one content.The word phrasing is differ from the pharaphrasing.The phrasing is give importance to our writing and skill.

Definition of summarizing:

                    The summarizing is defined as the converting of a paragraph into a sentence.because it will help us to reduce the large paragraph into small paragraph this is known as the summarizing.It is used when the passage is long it is not possible to either paraphrase or quoting.

Difference between pharaphrasing and summarizing:


1.It is making of more letters.

2.The paragraph is written by the author and other work.

3.The school students are mostly read about the paragraph.

4.How to phrasing the paragraph first we read the stanza carefully.

5.Identify the meaning of paragraph then only we separate the words.

6.Now put away the paragraph text into our own words then convert the meaning.

7.The replaced words are must suitable for the content.

8.This is way for pharaphrasing the paragraph.


1.summarizing is the meaning of less letters.

2.This summarizing is written by the own concept and other nature products.

3.This is useful to students for exam time.

4.How to summarizing the paragraph into less paragraph.

5.The story writing skill is very important.

6.Read the full paragraph 1 or 2 times to understand the meaning of paragraph.

7.Let us start the writing paragraph into our own words.

8.Finally the important thing is the paragraph is summarizing and the sentence are applied and meaningful to each other.