What is the Difference Between Past Time Focus and Present Time Focus

What is the difference between past time focus and present time focus:

What is past time focus:

The past time focus is referred as the focus that we are paying attention to the things. That is experienced in the past time.Because past situation is mainly focus in the memories and accident of all the things.The person is focus on the past memories because human being is remember his memories and action of all the things.past people is always focused on the memories but the memories are remember and past people are always stay with happy and strong.This is called past time focus.

What is present time focus:

The present time focus is referred as the focus that we are loved in the present time world.David has got good marks but now he is facing a problem in his studies so instead of thinking about his past achievement,he is focusing on the reason behind his current problem.The person life is always depends on the present and future time. Present time refers to the moment we are living in ,the moment we are going to live through now.This is called as present time focus.

Difference between past time focus and present time focus:

Past time focus:

1.The person ones enter in the world all man having experience in any way of living life this is called past time focus or experience.

2.During the past 2 years Ragav has been worked in the software company.

3.That boy had been faced many problems and situation in the office.

4.The man has been worked and experience in the company of Many years Thai is called past time focus.

5.Always past experience is important.

Present time focus:

1.The person has been living his life in the present world.

2.The man ones enter the world the life is fullfill when the work is mainly done by the person in current life.

3.In the event that you ask a present centred individual to portray their vacation of point of record.

4.The present occupied incidents are become past experience.

5.This is called present time focus.

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