What is The Difference Between Parra and Patta


Difference between Parra and patta:

Definition of parra:

 Parra is expand on the paragraph.Tge paragraph is written by the human in the exams,papers,and other places.The paragraph containing many words and is called paragraph.


1.paragraph is a big notes that is written in the paper.

2.The final week of the temporary parra to store the letters.

3.Paragraph contains many letters then only it is known as paragraph.

4.Tge letters are getting into the paragraph by neatly and shortly.

5.The article is about the name and many other uses.

6.There are less occupation that is composed in the American named parra.

7.The different types of jobs are performed.

Definition of patta:

The patta is the definition of collector that is holds weekly grievance a day that is submitted by the petition called patta.


1.patta is the land occupied processing of papers.

2.This is written by the officials and court officers.

3.It contains only the few letters which is very important to the process.

4.This is worked in the printing process because it is a Xerox contains same content in the patta.

5.This is used in the civic problems that are used to detect the problems.

6.The land settlement that is written in the document of agricultural land.

7.The individual that is occupied in the patta.