What is The Difference Between Multiple Cropping and Modern Farming


Difference between Multiple cropping and Modern farming:

Definition of multiple cropping :

The grow of one crop on a pieces during the year is called multiple cropping.

Multiple cropping:

  1. To grow more than one crop on your pieces of land during the year is known as multiple cropping.
  2. In agriculture anti estrogens multiple cropping is the practice of growing crops.
  3. It is the land during one cropping season instead of just one crop.
  4. It is also known as intercropping.
  5. This cropping systems helps farmers.
  6. It helps to productivity and income the crops.
  7. It is selections of two or more crabs of practicing.
  8. It is the benefit of mutual.
  9. It is the practice of growing crops in the same piece of lands.

Definition of modern farming :

Modern farming method means the use of hYV seeds.

Modern farming:

  1. It is the tube Wells of for irrigation and chemical fertilizers.
  2. Modern farming is the change of agriculture innovations.
  3. It helps to the farmers increases the essential natural resources.
  4. The natural resources needed the foods and fuel.
  5. Modern farming is drive and by improvement of productivity.
  6. Modern farming practices formers of environment impact.
  7. Modern farming is the accurate and controlled the crops of livestock.
  8. It Reduces the amount of natural resources and needed the demands.
  9. It increase the agricultural production.