What is The Difference Between Minerals and Ores


Difference between Minerals and ores:

Definition of  Minerals :

Minerals are the natural inorganic solid that occuring of chemical formula.


  1. Minerals are in Indidual crystals.
  2. It is composed of unit cell or unit layers.
  3. Minerals are inorganic catalysts.
  4. It makes regulators of metobolic activities.
  5. It’s is the process of extraction metals.
  6. All minerals are not ores.
  7. Minerals are native forms in metals.
  8. It present in the earth crust.
  9. It is the naturall process occuring the earth crust.

Definition of Ores :

Minerals than can be profitable to the metal is called ores.


  1. Ores are the minerals which profitably extracted.
  2. All ores are minerals.
  3. Ores are minerals deposits.
  4. Ore is the rock which extract from economical way.
  5. Ore is natural rock or sediment containing metals.
  6. Ore is extracted from earth.
  7. It the valuable metals or minerals.
  8. the compounds can be mined profitably.
  9. Ore weighted against the cost of extraction.