What is the difference between Medium Range training and Lsd training

What is medium range training:

Medium range training in which the work period is over top by lactic acid energy systems. The time period is between 10 and 60 seconds. This training focuses on developing a tolerant nature of lactic acid and to maintain high intensity output in performers. Where as LSd or long slow distance comes in cycling or running and is done to improve cardiovascular functions and capacity of skeletal muscle.

What is lsd training:

The slow distance training is known as LSD. The steady state ,is a form of cardio workout where you exercised for 20 to 60 minutes at low to medium intensity. It is good burning fat ,and the low intensity makes it a good fit for anyone. Long slow distance is a form of aerobic endurance training used in sports including running,rowing,skilling, and cycling. It is also known as aerobic endurance.

Differences between both training:

1.The medium range training is always trained by the medium people.and is mainly purpose of to make the people properly.

2.The Long slow distance is maintained and training by the people to very fat people.

3.The LSD run is often prescribed as a weekend run,anywhere from 2-3 hours long.

4.LSD running will enhance your body capacity to deliver oxygen to your muscles and your body ability to burn fat as a source energy.

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