What is The Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate


Difference between Lawyer and Advocate:


The Lawyer is a popular job that is working in the court.opposite to the anothe lawyer and release the man of any cases.

The Advocate is the job similar to the lawyer but it is smaller than the lawyer.Because it will deal only the domestic cases.


  1. A lawyer is a person who has a law degree.
  2. There are various types of lawyers.
  3. A lawyer is described as a legal professional.
  4. He only act as a legal policy adviser.
  5. Am advocate is a person who is a specialist.
  6. A lawyer cannot represent as a cilent of law.
  7. The person who learned all the law is know as a lawyer.
  8. A lawyer offers a limited amout of services.


  1. An advocate is a one who speak to another person especially in a legal content.
  2. Advocates are more experienced than lawyer.
  3. An advocate is a special type of a lawyer.
  4. Lawyer represents a cilent in the court of law.
  5. this is a person who has completed a law degree and to stand in court.
  6. Advocate is good than a lawyer.
  7. An advocate offers many services in the court of law.
  8. Advocate has a knowledge,skill, ability.
  9. they are called “barrister”.