What is the difference between kayak and canoe


What is the difference between kayak and canoe

The main distinction between the kayak and canoe is that kayak uses double-bladed paddles and therefore the traveler shall be in an exceedingly sitting position, whereas the canoe employs one arching bladed paddle and therefore the traveler are in an exceedingly kneel position.

What is the Kayak:

There area unit several specialized watercrafts obtainable, of these Kayak has its place within the list. Kayak is that the name given to the sort of watercraft that is a lot of unremarkably slender and pointed(only on one side). Kayaks area unit most typically used as equipment than of a transporting issue.

The design of the kayaks area unit in such the simplest way that it’s light-weight, slimmer, however area unit terribly sturdy against intense climatic conditions furthermore. the planning varies with the aim and also the want. For long-distance travel, the kayaks area unit designed in such the simplest way to possess a lot of storage compartments.

What is the Canoe:

A canoe could be a similar kind of a kayak and is claimed to the upgraded style of kayak, by some folks, with some milder variations from kayaks. The canoes are known with the pointed ends on each side with additional areas for the passengers. The canoe is employed additional normally for transport functions across lands by waterways.

The history of canoes dates to earlier period once folks within the Caribbean areas used the canoes for transport functions across the lands. it’s additionally aforementioned that there ar shreds of proof that the Indians used canoes since earlier period.

The construction technique of the canoes and therefore the materials accustomed construct differs from space to areas however the foremost accepted and therefore the most used technique is that the one that was introduced by the native Americans victimization the birch backlogs.

Key difference:

The kayak could be a watercraft with pointed ends on one facet whereas the canoes can have pointed ends on each the perimeters

The paddles utilized in a kayak area unit those of double-bladed sort whereas the canoes use singles arched bladed paddles.

The kayaks area unit used additional for sports functions whereas the canoes area unit used preponderantly for family leisure activities

The kayaks use the traveler to be within the sitting position whereas the canoes modify the traveler either is in sitting or motion position supported the wants.

Kayaks have closed decks for comfort and secure seating of the traveler whereas the canoes give open decks.

The kayaks don’t have a lot of storage areas for the future whereas the canoes have specialised storage areas for merchandise conjointly.