What is The Difference Between jpg and jpeg

What is the difference between jpg and jpeg:

The jpg could be a short version of the jpeg extension. JPG could be a three-lettered file-extension, whereas JPEG is of 4 letters. JPEG provides the higher color quality of files than JPG. The previous version of the latter, though they each area unit normally used image file extensions.


When we speak of JPG, we tend to realised that there aren’t any variations between JPG and JPEG.  they’re much constant issue. Since JPG is additionally a file extension that works well for lossy graphics, it will be interchangeably used with JPEG.

In the past, Windows had established a rule that solely allowed three-format extensions, organic process to Associate in Nursing endless range of three-letter extensions, among that JPG emerged.

JPG is Associate in Nursing extension employed by digital cameras that consists of 2 segments and sub-formats. Some individuals still save in JPG format as a result of it’s a wonderful format to avoid wasting little photos that don’t take up an excessive amount of area.


JPEG could be a file extension whose signifier stands for Joint Photographic consultants cluster. The ISO normal of this format was launched at the start of the 90s. This extension could be a electronic image compression format principally used for lossy compression.

JPEG could be a terribly versatile extension that includes a compression ration from 10:1 to 20:1 which may be utterly adjusted. Also, the balance between storage size and quality is decided.

This is the extension that the majority digital cameras and photo-sharing devices area unit victimization straight away.

Key difference between jpg and jpeg:

The distinction lays within the manner Windows versions support file extensions once they don’t have a three-letter format. Some computers could solely support jpeg, whereas others still work with 3 format extensions.

If a picture, as an example, has .jpeg extension on associate degree recent pc, it’s mechanically shrunken to jpg to avoid confusion and continue operating properly.

Both JPEG and JPG area unit used for color and images however image quality is reduced at the time of compression with JPEG. some way to cut back such effects is by re-editing and re-saving the image.

A way to  figure with JPEG files while not sacrificing quality is to work out the edits and so save them out. Also, by doing therefore, you’ll forestall yourself from saving multiple times.

If you’re victimisation new someone versions, the MIME media kind for JPEG is image/jpeg, whereas the MIME style of image/jpeg is employed in older versions.

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