What is The Difference Between Jelly and Jam


What is the difference between Jelly and Jam:

What is the Jelly:

Jelly is made with strained fruit juice. There are no pieces of fruit in jelly.The desserts are desserts made with a sweetened and flavoured processed collagen product.This kind of dessert was first recorded as jelly.The fruit is mixed with any ingredients to make a jelly.a jelly is made by a soft solid brightly coloured food that shakes when it is moved. Jelly is made from sugar and juice.

The shaking of all this fruits are called as jelly.

What is the Jam:

Jam is made by the mixture of many fruits.The fruit is making the jam very high quality and tasty jam.Jams are made from the entire fruit, including the pulp,while preserve are essentially jellies that contain whole or large pieces.This is also called as a juice . Because the jams are always made in the juice industry.

Difference between Jelly and Jam:


1.Jelly is the chocolate flavour product.

2.jelly is made by the flavour of only one fruits.

3.That is finally produce by the liquid substance.

4.It is usually made from fruit juice,sugar,and pectin,a substance that helps it firm up.

5.Jelly is always very tasty.


1.Jam is the fruit flavour product.

2.Jam is made by the many fruits and making of the jam.

3.The jam is made by the illusion of tastey product.

4.The jam is made in the industry.

5.The jam is useful to the many times and home making process.