What is the difference between Iron Man and Aluminium Man


Definition of Iron Man:

The iron man is defined as the man made by the iron. If he finds a flaw in his suit,he uses countless sums of the money to make improvements. He is a hero who symbolises how so many problems can be taken care of with enough funding and the proper technology to made the man is called as the Iron Man.

Definition of Aluminium Man:

Aluminium man is defined as the man of made by the aluminium. Aluminium is not a naturally found in the Earth’s crust. It comes from bauxite, which has to be processed to get aluminium. The real name of aluminium is called as chemical elements.


Iron man:

1.Irom man is made by the human beings.

2.They have the ability to defence against the problems.

3.Iron man is known as the strongest man.

4.It is a machine because is made by the mind of Human being.

5.The iron man is always protect the people by the death.

Aluminium man:

1.Aluminium man is defined as the chemical formula.

2.It is made by the formula and helping to the natural of human life.

3.There are four types of alumni is considered as potash alumn,soda alumn,ammonium alumn,and chrome alumn.

4.The aluminium man is known as the steady man.

T.This is called as the aluminium man.