What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation


What is motivation:

Motivation is understood because the invisible force that moves, activates or pushes folks and causes them to act. It’s one thing that incites someone into action and makes him continue the course of action with enthusiasm, to accomplish the required goals.

Intrinsic motivation:

Intrinsic motivation is one within which the person’s behavior gets motivation from an interior need to try or win one thing, for own sake. It initiates from feelings of feat, satisfaction, accomplishment instead of any outside incentive, pressure, deadline, etc.

Simply put, the motivation to adopt an exact behavior comes from among, because it is of course satisfying. The supply of motivation is inherent to the task so the person is mechanically concerned within the task.

Moreover, it’s associated with the state of self-actualization, whereby the happiness of accomplishing one thing priceless motivates the person once more, that the motivation is auto generated and it’s nothing to try to with money rewards.

Extrinsic motivation:

Extrinsic motivation refers to the kind of motivation whereby the motivation is thanks to external forces, that pushes you to try and do or come through one thing with the aim of earning a present or avoid negative consequences.

It is a sort of conditioning. Conditioning uses reward or penalization therefore on increase the chance of bound behavior. It is often increment, fame, grades, recognition, appreciation, or threat of penalization etc.

This type of motivation relies on the actual fact that if human behaviour is absolutely rewarded for the work done, it tends to be perennial. however, the reward of such behaviour should be powerful and lasting so it improves, its incidence chance.

So far, financial reward is considered the simplest incentive for desired behaviour. However, it’s been argued that whether or not cash really motivates individuals or it merely pushes them to figure. this may embody higher pay, add on advantages like retirement plans, profit-sharing theme, paid vacations, insurance, food coupons, etc.

Key difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation:

In intrinsic motivation, an individual acts to attain one thing, however not for any external reward, however to fancy the method or take it as a chance, to explore new things ideas and conjointly to actualize the capabilities. On the contrary, in foreign motivation, the person adopts a particular behaviour in an effort to earn a gift or avoid some penalisation.

In intrinsic motivation, it’s the action that is considered vital, on that the person has management. Hence, it makes the folks participate in Associate in Nursing activity for his or her own can or interest and not for the reward it’ll bring.

As against, in foreign motivation, the main focus is on the end result that is gained once the task is completed. this suggests that it makes folks do one thing for getting a tangible or intangible reward.

In intrinsic motivation, the locus of management lies within the person, UN agency decides to perform the task. Conversely, in foreign motivation, the locus of management is external to the one who is alleged to hold out the task.