What is The Difference Between International Trade and Local Trade


Difference between International Trade and Local trade:

Definition of international Trade:

The trade between the two countries is called international trade.

International trade:

  1. International is the trade between the two nations.
  2. International is the barameter of economic.
  3. International carried through land and or sea.
  4. international is the goods from manufactured to the market.
  5. International carried the countries.
  6. International levels depending on the demand.
  7. An economic index Carries the properties with the nation.
  8. It helps to developing the countries trade.
  9. it is index of the of the national properties.

Definition of local trade :

The trade between the region with the same country is called local trade .

Local trade:

  1. the Trade carried in villages , cities , and towns is called local trade.
  2. Trade carried between two countries or regions is called state trade.
  3. this trade did not possible without international trade.
  4. The trade is less than international trade.
  5. This trade has the space Bound.
  6. it carries cities , states , and villages.
  7. It is the value of imports and exports.
  8. The markets contains the local level.
  9. It is manufactured by the market.