What is the difference between Human rights and Human needs


Definition of Human rights:

Human are entering into the world by the birth of their parents. They have a individual rights and humanity in this world. In the contry they have put many orders and commercial orders to the people. People are always linked to this society because it will lead our life. Human rights are moral principles or normals for certain standard of human behaviour and are regularly protected in municipal and international law. All the people have  a equal rights in this society. So all people are equal respect each other and Love happily. This is the meaning of human rights.

Definition of Human needs:

Human need is point the people wanted and which is required for the human life to live happily. A need is adissatisfication at a point of time and in a given context. Needs are distributed the human life. Needs are wants to live the human life. In the case of a need a definite causes of a clear adverse outcomes is called as the human needs. In this modern world all people are think how to spoil others life and happy to our life. It is always being depend on the needs.

Human Rights and Human Needs Differences:

Human Rights:

1.Human rights is referred as the human beings,regardless of race,sex, nationality, ethnicity or any other status.

2.It is defined as the freedom of a human in the world.

3.The human beings have ability to marry in this society.

4.They have worked in the place where they feel comfortable.

5.The right to freedom of thought, opinion and expression.

6.The universal dignity is called as human rights.

7.The most important rights in the world is to free speech.

8.citizens are the main functions in this human rights.

9.Human rights are need to protect the preserve in every individual humanity to ensure the every individual can live a life of dignity and life is that worthy of a human being.

10.Human rights are constructed and provided by the government.

Human Needs:

1.Human needs are referring to the people require to be able to achieve a level of functioning is acceptable by the minimum rights.

2.There are five basic needs required in the humans like clean air,water, Nutrition,shelter and sleep.

3.The human health is the main need in this world.

4.All human are not same all are having different ideas and needs.

5.The important of the needs are to help reveal what derives human behaviour and what makes people to survey happy in this world.

6.In economic the human need is mainly point the money.

7.In society the human need is included by education,job,etc…

8.There are two types of human needs in this society physiological needs and safety needs.

9.According to the human needs they are always want anything in this world.

10.Human need is always gathered in their mind.