What is the difference between Homicide and Murder


What is Homicide:

Homicide is the meaning of killing a person by the another person. The term Homicide is refers to the act of causing or illegal of killing the person. The death of a man is very dangerous in the world because natural death is caused by the not pain. But the Killing purpose man was killed and died by very pain and dangerous. Not all Homicide are illegal or criminal. The death of an assailants caused by an innocent agent,such as the child under age of discretion.The Homicide death cause painful dangerous death.

What is Murder:

Murder Is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human with malice. After the thought the mind may depend upon the phsyco and jurisdiction. The murder is finally differ from the Homicide.The killing is not a lawful work and is a Illegal working and working purpose. Where it Is recognised,is a killing that lacks all but the most attenuated guilty intent, reckless. Being a criminal life is very dangerous life because anytime he will arrest by the police officers.This called as the murder.

Difference between Homicide and Murder:


1.Homicide is the purpose of killing a person by another person.

2.It is known as the lawful work.

3.The homicide is very dangerous work because God will punish them by anyway.

4.There are three types of Homicide




5.It is the man kind of death cause by the another human being.


1.If the act that causes the death is done with intent of killing a person for don’t any reason.

2.If the person conducting the act is aware that it is so risky that it must in all likelihood.

3.The human death is caused by the natural of God but the current situation human being are kill the person to become a big rowdies.

4.Without justification,a shoots a loaded cannon into a gathering of people, killing one of them.

5.In this murder reaction any person will finally death.