What is The Difference Between Hen and Chicken


What is the difference between hen and chicken:


The distinction between a chicken and a hen is in their gender.  Chickens area unit members of the fowl family of birds. They’re a taxon of the red and also the gray gallinacean. it’s correct to decision a hen a chicken, however to be a lot of specific the chicken will solely be referred to as a hen if it’s feminine and of birth age. Thus externally a chicken will look and sound sort of a hen, however the hen may be a feminine chicken and one that’s able to lay eggs. an individual United Nations agency isn’t knowledgeable within the ages and stages of poultry may decision a hen a chicken or a chicken a hen.

What is a Chicken?

A chicken is outlined as a standard fowl.  The term chicken doesn’t specify the gender of the bird.  Chicken is that the name of the species likes cat or dog.  Before a chicken becomes a hen it’s referred to as a pullet.  A pullet has approximately reached the purpose of lay. That’s the time the feminine chicken is prepared to start out birthing eggs. Throughout this point it’s correct to decision the bird a chicken or a pullet.

What is a Hen?

A hen may be a mature chicken able to lay eggs. a completely adult feminine chicken, of birth age may be a hen. the feminine chicken or hen will reach this stage at completely different times, however it’s typically once she reaches a year older.  Once the primary egg has been ordered the pullet graduates to being a hen.  She is accepted by the remainder of the lot of mature hens within the coop. There are a unit some variations of opinion with relation to the maturity of the chicken and a few say the transition takes place at one year older and not once the primary egg is ordered.    In our own way of gauging if the chicken may be a hen is thru the animal tissue or breast bone.  If this bone remains soft the chicken isn’t nevertheless mature enough to be referred to as a hen.  A hen can get to birth age and lay eggs in spite of the presence of a chicken. Primarily a hen may be a mature female person chicken capable of birthing eggs.