What is The Difference Between Fission and Fragmentation


Difference between fission and Fragmentation

Definition of fission:

Fission is a unicellular organisation breaks the two daughter organisms.


  1. It is reproduction by spontaneous division of the body.
  2. It is divided into two or more pots each of the complete organisms.
  3. Often atomic nucleus resulting the large amount of energy.
  4. Is the method of a sexual reproduction carried out of the organisms.
  5. Covers the unicellular organisms.
  6. It protists bacteria while fragmentation.
  7. It is the method of reproductions of the parent cell into two or more parts.
  8. It grows innto the complete of daughters cells.
  9. It Occurs Nuclear division.

Definition of fragmentation:

Yah method of reproductions in parent organisms break the fragments of the cable into a new organisms.


  1. It is the process of parent organisms break into fragments .
  2. It occurs Multicellular organisms.
  3. It aqueous the multicellular organisms such as plants ,stars molds, and spirogyra.
  4. Does not occurs nuclear division.
  5. Parent organism divides into daughter.
  6. Organisms or mainly multicellular.
  7. It does not deliberate.
  8. It Can occurs mechanical shearing.
  9. It is capable for growing organisms.