What is the Difference Between File and Folder


What is the difference between file and folder:

The main distinction between a file and a folder is that a file could be a assortment or cluster of interlinked knowledge and data, whereas a folder could be a instrumentation wont to store files and subfolders. Files have extensions to spot their kind however folders don’t have extensions.

What is a File?

Whenever we tend to store any information in our ADPS, the software system provides associate degree entity referred to as a file. A file may be a assortment of associated info or information. There are a unit many various sorts of files as per the info keep in them and these area unit known by the extensions they need. Some files will have information and knowledge in numeric kind, some will have it in binary or alphabetical kind. Some sorts of files embrace a book, word document, scanned photograph, application, or any audio or video keep in a very disc drive.

What is Folder?

A folder is employed to accommodate a gaggle of files and folders and place them below identical heading. Any range of folders is often created and every such folder will have varied files and subfolders. The folders will have several entries as per the amount of files created. If a file is deleted from the folder, the entry mechanically gets deleted from the folder conjointly.

Folders area unit vital to stay. they assist organize varied files into teams and build checking out a selected file simple. If we tend to didn’t have any folders on our ADPS, all the programs, documents, and totally different files would be found within the same place. A Folder permits North American nation to possess multiple files in it. We will have quite one file with identical file name in numerous folders. For instance, files referred to as assignment.doc are often saved in my documents folder, and another file referred to as assignment.doc in another folder referred to as assignments. A folder doesn’t have extensions sort of a file.

Main variations Between File and Folder

A file may be an assortment of connected info and information, whereas a folder may be a place to store such file.

A file will have extensions; however a folder doesn’t have extensions. A file cannot contain alternative same entities, whereas a folder will contain alternative same entities.

When talking regarding house consumption, a file encompasses a specific size. On the opposite hand, a folder doesn’t have any explicit size.

Once the file is made, it are often opened, saved, printed, renamed, emailed, and changed. Once a folder is made, it is often rapt, renamed, or deleted.