What is the Difference Between Epidemic and Pandemic


What is the difference between epidemic and pandemic:


Infectious diseases square measure unfold by either microorganism or microorganism agents and square measure present in society. sometimes infected cases square measure gift in numbers below Associate in Nursing expected threshold A however each once in an exceedingly whereas there is also a pestilence, a replacement strain or a replacement malady that encompasses a vital impact at either an area or international level.


An self-report personality inventorydemic comes from Greek epi that means upon or on top of and demos that means individuals and is that the term accustomed describe a scenario wherever a un wellness spreads chop-chop to an outsized variety of individuals during a given population over a brief fundamental measure.

The term epidemic isn’t simply used with infectious diseases. it’s additionally used with any state of affairs that results in a prejudicial rise of health risks inside a society.

The rise in fat globally (often represented as associate degree “obesity epidemic”). Over the last three decades, the us has seen a rise within the variety of individuals UN agency have a BMI on top of the suggested average.


A pandemic comes from Greek pan that means all and demos that means individuals and is that the term accustomed describe the speedy unfold of a transmissible infectious communicable un wellness over many continents or worldwide. Once a plague becomes international and affects an out sized % of the population it becomes referred to as a plague. The terms pandemic and epidemic ar accustomed describe the speed and distance of the unfold of the un wellness and not the severity of the un wellness.

Features of pandemic:

Affects a wider geographical region, typically international.

Infects a awfully sizable amount of individuals.

Often caused by a brand new virus or a brand new strain of a deadly disease that has been dormant for several years.

Spreads quickly in humans as there’s very little to no existing immunity.

Can cause a high variety of deaths.

Because of the necessity to regulate the unfold of the malady, there’s typically social disruption, unrest and economic loss.