What is The Difference Between Enzyme and Hormone


What is the difference between Enzyme and Hormone:

What is the Enzyme:

The character that doesn’t change the nature and living of a human being. That will produce by all living things and other animals.with the changing of chemical hormones.

Enzymes are proteins that act as a biological catalyst.catalyst accelerate chemical reactions.The enzymes are convert the chromosome and biological uses. The variation occur in the human body and enzymes are the smallest molecules in the human beings.The inner molecules are known as Enzymes.

What is the Hormone:

The word hormone is referred as the hormones that are chemical messengers secrete directly into the blood. The organs that are carried the blood vessels and tissue organs to the body functions.There are many types of hormones secret in the human body let us saw it

1.Development and growth.

2.Metabolism of food items.

3.sexual functions and reproductive growth and health.

They always travel through the blood stream to tissues or organs.This is called as the hormones.

Difference between Enzyme and Hormone:


1.Enzyme doesn’t diffuse through the cell membrane.

2.Exocrine glands are always produce enzymes.

3.Enzymes are secrete in the inside of human body and maintain the blood flow.

4.The rate of reaction is composed of proteins.

5.The human body is depend upon the enzyme because the birth of child is very important.



1.The hormones are composed of amino acids and amniotic fluids.

2.chemical charges are may not be refused.

3.The blood vessels are always carry through the hormones.

4.Endocrine glands are produce hormones.

5.Example:Regulation of blood.