What is The Difference between Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship

Difference between Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship

Definition of entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship is described as a process of action undertake to establish his enterprise. entrepreneurship is a creative activity.


  1. It is a purposeful activities for a individual groups.
  2. It maintain the enterprise by production and distribution.
  3. It Helps for economic goods and service to generate profit.
  4. it is the act and art being an entrepreneur.
  5. It transforms the innovate into Economic goods.
  6. It is the process of designing , launching , and running.
  7. It is Typically begins a small business.
  8. It Offers product or process for the sale.
  9. It is the practice of converting good ideas .

Definition of Technopreneurship:

Techno preneurship can be defined as the endopreneur with skills and mindsets to deal the knowledge economy. An entrepreneur indicates typically a new business.


  1. Technopreneur ship is the people who shift economic resources.
  2. It is the value of chain is focused.
  3. The focus is not in developing complex.
  4. It offers higher value to the customer.
  5. Technopreneur start out nothing but in idea.
  6. It defines existing products.
  7. It thinks of doing things differently.
  8. Technopreneur operates in dynamic situation.
  9. It innovate and hope of the profit that follows.

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