What is The Difference between Electron Gain Enthalpy and Electronegativity


Difference between Electron gain enthalpy and Electronegativity:


The meaning of electron gain enthalpy is that electrons are gaining by the nucleus.The negative ions are accept the tendency of isolated gaseous compound.During the gain of electrons it will increase the atomic number and mass number.When the atomic number is increasing more number of molecules are present in the electron molecules.

The Electronegativity is a natural proces.It does not require any medium for propogation.This is called non mechanical waves.These are transvers in nature.The speed of light is travel through the vacuum.after the reflection of soee of light in air medium.


Electron gain enthalpy:

1.Electron gain enthalpy is the cahne of neutral atoms and molecules in the nucleus cells.

2.Measured by kj/mol.

3.The amount of energy is also measured by the components.

4.The positive electrons are attracted towards the nucleus and negative electrons are repelled away from the nucleus.

5.The gain of electrons are being transferred by the natural method.


1.Electronegativity is being calculated by the oscillating electric field vector and oscillating magnetic field vector and reaches the speed of light.

2.It is play in the naturalization, polarization and electromagnetism.

3.It doesn’t travel in the rarer medium.

4.The speed of light is always equal to the point of contact.

5.Electromagnetic waves are produced by the Electromotive force.