What is the difference between EEE and ECE


EEE  (Electrical & physical science Engineering) :

The device uses the voltage for acting the work and physical science device use the controls the flow of electrons for acting the work.   Electrical device convert the voltage into different type like heat, lightweight and mechanical and device management the flow of electrons for acting the actual task .

It is full name of electrical & physical science engineering; it’s deals with electrical technology and machine, circuit analysis, physical science, electromagnetism, engineering material, instrumentation, system, power engineering and transmission and distribution.

It deals with electrical machine, pulse, motors and generators, utilization of voltage, gear change and protection, and installation. For electrical wire and cable use the fabric copper and Al. Electrical work on AC & DC. Electrical equipments are electrical device, generator, motor etc.

Electrical & physical science Engineer Job Scope – In Govt. sector BHEL, NTPC, State electrical Department, Power Grid, NHPC etc.

ECE – (Electronics & Communication Engineering) :

The Communication engineering is belongs to transfer the data one place to different via transmission and receiver.

Electronics are deals with Basic physical science , microcontroller , solid state device analog transmission, microchip, analog integrated circuits and communication deals with satellite communication, microwave engineering, antenna and wave progression. It additionally deals with the producing physical science devices, circuit, and communication equipments.

It is deals with digital physical science, embedded system, system, VLSI style, and wireless and radio communication system. For physical science parts use material semiconductor like semiconductor and semiconductor.  physical science work solely low voltage and telecommunication equipments work on frequency.

Electronics parts are electronic transistor, microchip, electronic equipment etc. and communication equipments are mobile radio, BTS, repeaters and transmitter and receiver, glass fibre, IDU and ODU, RF based mostly Equipments.

Electronics & Communication Engineer Job Scope – In Govt. sector BSNL, MTNL, IOC, ONGC, DMRC, BEL, DRDO and ISRO etc. and In PVT. Sector like Samsung , Philips , LG, ST, Texas Instruments , Motorola , Intel etc.

Key difference:

It includes analogue transmission, basic physics, solid-state devices, microprocessors, digital and analogue communication, analogue integrated circuits, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennas, and wave progression. in addition, it manufactures electronic devices, circuits, and facility.

Electrical engineering includes electrical technology and machines, circuit analysis, physics, electromagnetism, EE materials, instrumentation, management systems, power engineering, and transmission and distribution.

A real electrical device and a heavy-duty  machine ar required to perform EEE. Theory and labor ar necessary aspects of it.