What is The Difference Between DNAs and DNASe

Difference between DNAs and DNASe:


1.DNAis found in the nucleus.

2.It has the ability to produce egg into fertilization.

3.The chromosome are carried by the DNA ligase molecules.

4.The block of human body is lead to form a DNA in the body.

5.It is dimolecule formation and the heridity of organisms are transferred from one generation to another generation.

6.There are few viruses that are included in this molecules.

7.The main component of this DNA is to make the chromosome.

8.The DNA replication is being standard by the new generation.

9.The mother body produce birth into the children.and then it carries the genetic variation.

10.It synthesis the food into protein.


1.DNASe does not found in the nucleus.

2.The ability of this chromosome is to produce the protein molecules.

3.The chromosomes are carried by the cytoplasmic cell .

4.The cytoplasmic cell is constructed by the single nucleus.

5.The backbone of human body is preventing by the deoxyribonuclease,and the linkage are always transfer from this cell .

6.The cell that contains large number of virus that are affect the body cells .

7.This will increase the ability of mothers embryo sac into development of genes.

8.The single genaration of human life leads to form the new generation.

9.The mother nucleus is transferred from the mother’s gene and is made the child birth control.

10.It inhibit the food materials into another body.

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